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Welcome to Lake Manor Farm (Lakes Dream Farm)... We have a small  family farm (newly acquired 2018 85 acre farm) near Wrightsville, PA raising and Breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats for confirmation, milk lines, & temperament. We take pride in carefully maintaining all of the animals we are entrusted with to the best of our ability. My Herd is American Goat Society (AGS) Registered and tested for CL, CAE, and Jhones (Clean). We also have introduced ADGA into our heard this year (2018) and soon will offer dual registered kids. In addition to our goaties we also have a mini pot belly pig, 100 chickens, 12 Turkeys, 10 guineas, 2 Jersey cows and a Quarter horse.

Updated May 12, 2021

Instagram: lakesdreamgoats

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